Start Anderson cooper dating outside race

Anderson cooper dating outside race

He said he believes these men should be viewed with more skepticism.

All week we've presented the study to you, and in return you've given us your reactions and shared your personal stories.

"Honestly I don't think my parents would be too happy because ...

if you marry a black girl, you're connected to their family now," he said, adding, "and who knows what her family is really like?

Our ongoing "Kids on Race" series has sought to locate the origins of racial issues that so often seem native to the American experience.

We decided that by talking directly with children– innocent, impressionable, and honest– as they are slowly being introduced to society, we might learn how prejudice can take hold of young minds...

" Do we make unconscious judgments about people based on skin color?

And, for the children involved in our landmark study, did their answers to our questions change, depending on race?

We got a number of fascinating responses that branched in three distinct directions. We need to look at the black community's leadership Jerome Almon of Detroit says he used to be a political science lecturer.