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The Demi Devimon from the first area will turn into an Agumon once defeated.

An Agumon toy appears in Takato's dream when he wants to fight with Guilmon.

Two Agumon are among the young Digimon in Star City who want to shake Taichi and Zero's hands.

It has grown up and become able to walk on two legs, and has an appearance like a tiny dinosaur.

Because it is still on the way to adulthood, its power is low, but as its personality is quite ferocious, it doesn't understand fear.

It also has flattened forearms with broad, three-clawed hands, though early artwork for the Digimon virtual pet depicted its hands with four claws, and distinct Agumon digivolves from Koromon to Greymon in lines 8, 14, and 25, and from Koromon to Greymon with a Digi-Egg and Garurumon without in line 24.

Agumon is one of the Digimon Ryo Akiyama begins the game with, a reference to Anode/Cathode Tamer, where Agumon is the first Digimon he gets there.

Its attacks are: Agumon is #024, and is a Rookie-level, Balance-class, Dragon-species Digimon with a resistance to the Fire element and a weakness to the Dark element.

It possesses the Health 100% and Curiosity traits, and the Special Skill Ice Melt.

Agumon is one of the only rookies that are not seen in any domains. When Junior plays "hide" with Veemon, there are two Agumon to fool him. In the PAL/Japanese versions, Agumon appears in various colors.

In order to obtain one, you must have to DNA Digivolve two Greymon together. Agumon is the first opponent of the first Beginner City's Battle Arena. The Agumon card is #027 and is a Rookie level Fire-type card with 570 HP, and worth 20 DP in the DP Slot.

Agumon is Akira's first Digimon if he joins the Gold Hawks.