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Allyson felix dating

Felix is the reigning 200-meter gold medalist and the reigning 400-meter World Champion. She hopes to win gold in both the 200 meters and 400 meters at one Games.

“I’m not aware,” she says, “of anything else.”When the camera cuts to her, and her image appears on the stadium’s big screen, her older brother Wes studies her face.

He can read the ripple in the right side of her jaw, the furrow on her brow.

While the crowd is screaming and the other runners are preparing, Felix is already running. When the announcer calls her name, for a brief moment she’s back in the present.

In her head, as she stands at the line, she visualizes her race: driving from the blocks, slowly rising, propelled by relentless ambition, the big swing of her arms. She raises her arms, waves at the crowd, twitches her mouth into a slight smile.

It was just suddenly easier.” Additionally, Bassett had begun sprinting without a prosthetic knee, which enhanced her stride and power, and with another game-changing design that also carried Hatfield’s hand: the Nike Spike Pad, crafted to fit a prosthetic blade.

This July, Bassett returned to the national trials, leveraging her intensive training, renewed conviction and dialed equipment into a first-place finish in the 100 meters.

He can tell, he says, whether it will be a fast day, the kind of day when medals are won, when records might fall.

“I don’t know that I've ever really been wrong,” he says.

Sleeping in her car or on a friend’s couch in order to support her pursuit, Bassett improved her times, despite the less-than-ideal accommodations.

Then, around a year ago, she had the opportunity to fine-tune another critical aspect of her performance equation: her equipment.“I met with [Nike Designer] Tobie Hatfield,” she explains.

“It was the most liberating and freeing experience of my life,” she recalls.