Start Updating garmin nuvi 255

Updating garmin nuvi 255

Connecting to a computer to use Web Updater was unsuccessful. It would make sense to have all of these files in the same folder.

I only drive about 8,000 miles a year, but I do take long trips several times a year. You seem to be thinking of buying a 1-time map update.

Most folks that post here feel that at an Amazon price of $42 per update, this is the last option they'd consider.

9) Now, this next part is tricky because it appears to vary with the software version you are using.

My unit would turn on as soon as I plugged it into the USB and begin looping.

Lifetime map updates are now $70 (both prices are current Amazon with free S&H prices, BTW).

My suggestion is therefore for you to compare adding lifetime map updates to your current GPS--good if you plan to keep and use it for maybe 2 more years --or-- to buy a newer, more full-featured GPS (with things like Lane Assist and Junction View) that is purchased with lifetime maps.

From what I've seen on this forum, there have been a number of complaints with software upgrades on the different units, I see no need to take the chance.

I have an old Nuvi 200 that has lifetime map updates.

What I did was push my finger on the top left corner of the touchscreen while plugging it into the USB with the other hand.

If you did it correctly, the screen will stay on the Garmin logo and the computer will install the device.

Should you opt for a newer model, consider a manufacturer refurbished unit with a one year warranty. The GPS Store is also offering the 2597LMT for $140