Start Sex chats with robots

Sex chats with robots

If you like hearing two friends ...…This week brings the next episode of the mini-series “Science But Simple”, where Mike & Josh talk about tides and how they’re affected by the moon, how the moon and orbits work, how the sun works/why it’s so hot, terminal velocity and more!

Owning a sex robot that can make you dinner and clean your home for you. That’s the grim and unimaginative premise of a fake, January 2018 post on the “satirical” Huzlers web site, which falsely reported that technology companies had been leaking their plans to produce and sell just such a machine by 2019.

They also discuss the differences between their generation & their parents & their grandparents generations, along with if they each received a large sum of money and what they’d do with it all!

...…This week, Mike talks to Carla about her Crohn’s Disease (what it actually is, how it’s treated & whatnot), CBD Oil and it’s medicinal uses, along with medicinal mariujuana/cannabis, “Big Pharma” and alternatives to standard prescription drugs, as well as stigma around sex and learning about it when they were younger.

The International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots provides an excellent opportunity for academics and industry professionals to present and discuss their innovative work and ideas in an academic symposium.

The 4th congress will be held at the University of Montana, Missoula, Montana in the United States on 6-7 December 2018.

They discuss TJ’s first trip alone, society, different cultures, some of her recent travels, as well as movies for the last 10 minutes.

This is part 1 of 2 – part 2 will be released in a week or so too, so make sure you tune in for tha ...…In the first episode of GCC, Mike speaks with an old friend of his named Rhys, about whether or not one should ever “punch a nazi”, political correctness and North Korea.

Released two weeks ago; Episode #12 of the GCC podcast was the second of the “Science But Simple” mini-series, which was about gravity, the moon, tides and how the sun works.