Start Regular expression for validating date format mmddyyyy in asp net

Regular expression for validating date format mmddyyyy in asp net

Using more than one regular expression in a validator enables you to create a class that can validate multiple string formats.

The subexpression is a distinct element that can be treated like any other pattern.

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In practice, this probably would not be the best user experience, but note that in each of its example methods, if the result is not valid, the application clears the user-entered text and displays an error message:package oreilly.cookbook { import mx.formatters. Switch Symbol Formatter; public class ISBNFormatter extends Formatter { public var format String : String = "####-##-####"; public function ISBNFormatter() override public function format(value: Object): String { // we need to check the length of the string // ISBN can be 10 or 13 characters if( !

(String().length == 10 || String().length == 13) ) // count the number of hash marks passed into our format string var num Char Cnt:int = 0; for( var i:int = 0; i is restricted to a single string that it can validate.

The expression you need is as follows: matches only valid numbers without any spaces in them.

It’s generally a good idea to clear the spaces out of any credit card numbers before sending them on to a processing service.

These parameters can indicate a certain format, whether a field is required, or the length of a field.