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Updating an old couch

With the realignment of parties and voters in the Third Party System, the strong run of John C.

It oversaw the preserving of the Union, the end of slavery, and the provision of equal rights to all men in the American Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861–1877.

The Republicans' initial base was in the Northeast and the upper Midwest.

He lost the election, and when most of his supporters returned to the GOP they were at odds with the new conservative economic stance, leading to them leaving for the Democratic Party, and an ideological shift to the right in the Republican Party.

The liberal New Deal Democrats dominated the Fifth Party System at the national level.

The Republicans has strong support from pietistic Protestants but they resisted demands for Prohibition.

As the northern post-bellum economy boomed with heavy and light industry, railroads, mines, fast-growing cities and prosperous agriculture, the Republicans took credit and promoted policies to sustain the fast growth.

The Republican Party is currently the primary party in power in the United States, holding the Presidency (Donald Trump), majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, a majority of governorships and state legislatures (full control of 32/50, split control of five others).