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Civil War service men from Abbeville County served in various regiments.

Duke Library Furman University 3300 Poinsett Highway Greenville, South Carolina 29613-0600 Phone: (864) 294-2194 Fax: (864) 294-2194 Methodist United Methodist Archives and History Center of the United Methodist Church Located on the campus of Drew Universtiy, Madison, New Jersey. Family Search has not independently verified the lineages of those tested. Because of South Carolina’s history as an agricultural state many residents owned land.

The Inventory of (SC) Church Archives 1937-1939 is available for free online, courtesy: South Caroliniana Library. For more information about types of land records see South Carolina Land and Property.

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For more information as well as maps of Abbeville County through time, see the South Carolina State Archives or For animated maps illustrating South Carolina county boundary changes, "Rotating Formation South Carolina County Boundary Maps" (1682-1987) may be viewed for free at the Mapof website. Hear it spoken The preceding list of places includes incorporated cities and towns, unincorporated towns and communities, and place names that may have been used in family histories.

Some have well-organized records and even have web sites.

The South Carolina Department of Archives and History has holdings of microfilms or typescripts of wills, inventories, bills of sale, power of attorneys, bonds, notes, administrations, judgments, and sales records.

They have placed Will Transcriptions for 1782 to 1855 online.

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Listed below are companies or regimens that were formed of many men from Abbeville County.