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Who is alicia keys dating 2016

"I'm all for natural beauty but Alicia girl you not setting no trend with this no makeup s--t.

And don't worry, guys, this doesn't mean you have to stop wearing makeup, either. Maybe you're thinking, 'Whoa, she looks ROUGH.' And if you are, great! But that's what separates those who do from those who wait for others to do.

What we're seeing here is society being so used to something—we're talking deep, deep entrenchment here—that we can't get over the slightest whiff of a shift in the force either way. I commend women who wake up 30, 40 minutes early to put on eyeliner. I'm just not that person."(Actually, whoever's taking 40 minutes to put on eyeliner is doing it wrong.)"You can put yourself out there and not Photoshop yourself or Facetune yourself," Emma Roberts told last year about posing for underwear line Aerie, which no longer retouches its ad campaigns. Keys went for it and, whether anyone else follows suit or at some point she's sporting mascara again, she's made a good point about what a lot of women are expected to do vs. Here's hoping that something we can all agree on wanting is the freedom to live and let live.

So Keys, after hearing enough from the twitterverse, felt the need to set the record straight."Y'all, me choosing to be makeup free doesn't mean I'm anti-makeup. " she wrote, punctuating the sentiment with a couple of kiss-blowing emojis and a makeup-free selfie. Well, as it always turns out, some people on the Internet took issue with the fact that Keys didn't wear makeup to the VMAs last night.

Her perfect skin (she didn't say she was giving up skincare, just the stuff that covers it) was all aglow but her bare face still made for an understated look that stood out as quite the statement amid all the heavily made-up faces.

Alicia Keys sang a moving original poem about equality at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday, August 28.

The “Girl on Fire” singer, 35, presented her piece in honor of the 53rd anniversary of Dr.

better known by his stage name Swizz Beatz, is an American hip hop recording artist and record producer from New York City, New York.

Born and raised in The Bronx, he began his musical career as a disc jockey (DJ) and has since added rapper, singer, producer, record executive, creative director and fashion designer to his repertoire. Stories, released in 2002, in conjunction with Dream Works Records.

The virtual applause is sweet, as are the compliments about how radiant and beautiful Keys looks. But it remains a personal preference, and no one should feel ashamed for enjoying makeup any more than they should feel weird about star, apparently relishing the opportunity to not sit in the chair for an hour before a photo shoot, told the mag, "I don't wear makeup. "It's just fine to say, 'Oh, I looked bad in that picture, but that was such a fun day'... Basically no makeup."And last summer Tyra Banks relished showing her fans what she looked like on any given morning sans makeup, assuring them that she normally sported a full face of makeup."I wanted to smooth out my dark circles so badly!!! Because makeup is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to respecting other people's decisions.

I also wanted to show people: Yes, there is an Emma Roberts, but there is also 'Emma'!

At the age of 16, he gained recognition in the hip hop industry, through his friendship and work with East Coast rapper DMX and the Ruff Ryders Entertainment record label. He later released his debut studio album, One Man Band Man, in 2007.