Start Updating k9copy

Updating k9copy

In the Launcher Properties window type vlc %m in the Command: slot.

26/06/2017 : I giving up with GNU/k Free BSD packages. If this repository is too slow for you, use a mirror.

I'll continue to update jessie and Wheezy if needed. After you have added the necessary line in /etc/apt/the first package to install is deb-multimedia-keyring.

Jim -- Jim Henderson open SUSE Forums Administrator That's what I was expecting, but that's not what's happening . If all the other deps have been installed, k9copy should create region free (i.e.

A google search shows that I am not alone (for example : Ubuntu Forums - View Single Post - [kubuntu] K9Copy won't save ISO file - 'the last time I tried k9copy, it preserved the region code').

While Totem will suffice it certainly lacks in this area. This will automatically launch VLC and start playing the DVD. It was written for KDE but it will wrork on Gnome equally well.

To more effectively play DVDs in Ubuntu install VLC. More information about VLC can be gotten from the My good buddy Nick has given me the information to use the %m as this will allow you to mount a DVD movie for users with multiple optical drives. I have personally tested this procedure and it does indeed work. I don't condone the piracy of DVDs and DVD ripping should be done for archival backup of DVDs that you have purchased. K9Copy will take a dual layer DVD and compress so the feature will fit on a single layer disc.

Little explanation about the domain name change, Debian asked me to stop using the word debian. As I don't know which harware is the best, I ask for help.

You can send an if you know a nice and cheap hardware.

apt-get update The “-o Acquire:: Allow Insecure Repositories=true” option is mandatory since Buster and thus also needed for unstable.

apt-get update -o Acquire:: Allow Insecure Repositories=true apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring -o Acquire:: Allow Insecure Repositories=true Since Squeeze you can install this package with apt-aget.

Disable mouse-scroll switching between Virtual Desktops By default, the mouse wheel cycles/switches through the Desktops. To deactivate this behavior: With the cursor on the Desktop, right-click, select Desktop Settings Mouse Actions Remove scroll button behavior (middle selection).