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Pagan dating dallas

And, if you read this blog yesterday, you already know I had an unpleasant experience as I was leaving that required some writing time.

Earlier in the year it became apparent that there would be no Pagan Pride Day in North Texas in 2015.

I dropped in on the folks from Arlington UU Church, who hosted the event. I’ll be speaking at Arlington UU on November 8 – the service will be an adaptation of my workshop from yesterday “Worshiping Fearsome Gods.” And I may have picked up another speaking engagement – I’m waiting for confirmation on the date.

Events like this are often criticized for being Wicca-oriented and ignoring other Pagan traditions.

I used to keep up with the local Co G events, though I rarely attended them, in part because Co G is a Wiccan organization and in part because almost all their events are in Fort Worth.

We really miss Moonlady News – it was great for keeping up with who’s doing what in the wider community of alternative religions and practices.

But someone – or a small group of someones – has to figure out what needs to be done, recruit volunteers, and follow up to make sure volunteers do what they said they’d do (in the case of Pagan Unity Fest, it looks like they did all that and more.

Without someone driving the train events like Pagan Unity Fest or your group’s next ritual simply won’t happen, or they’ll be done poorly.

The problem is that if those highly motivated, highly competent people get burned out, or are unavailable, or run into situations that are outside their area of expertise, the organizations and their work will flounder.