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She was a member of the and was a devout Christian worker in that community where she had lived most of her life.

This letter was written by Nicholas Howard Stone of Sumner Co, While the spelling and the grammar have been greatly improved to make this letter readable, the wording has been left untouched to retain the favor of the original. The headstones face east: Fountain and the others are just south of Tommy in the order mentioned in the letter.

In 1959 he was recruited by Jim Burke Buick of to be Business Manager.

In 1964 he followed his doctor's advice to find a less stressful job and moved to Slidell, Louisiana to be Business Manager and part owner of John Brown Olds (later Tom Brown Olds-Buick, Del Williams Motors, and Bill Ward Motors), Slidell, Louisiana until his retirement in 1986 (excepting for a brief return to Birmingham, Alabama to help out Jim Burke Buick in 1971).

He told them that he would give them first the answer that they probably desired which was the one contained in the Presbyterian doctrine and that his second answer would be his own personal belief whereby he did not believe in strict predestination as he did not believe that it was pre-destined as to whether or not he would be accepted by the Presbytery but that he believed that God had a plan for the world and that ultimately God's plan would succeed.

He said that he might have received the call to be the minister of that church but that he could refuse the call (someone else would have to accept the call).

When Ernest went before the Presbyterian council in regard to being accepted as a Presbyterian minister since he, as a Methodist minister, was preaching regularly in a Presbyterian church that did not have a minister, the matter of his belief in predestination came up.

His statement to them was that in regard to that question, he would give them two answers and they could then make their decision.

There is no way that I can believe in strict predestination when I look at the happenings in the world in this century or in any of the past nor can I explain Christ's statement that he lost only the one that was so predestined.", with the Rev. Pallbearers were Howard Stone Baulch, Jonathan Howard Baulch, Nicholas Stone Baulch, Floyd Raymond Duvall, Sr., Brittany Lee Duvall Whittaker, and Burton Miracle.