Start Dating old maps

Dating old maps

Gathering and mapping property boundaries is a lot of work – one wonders why Colby and Stuart went to this effort.

This map comes from an atlas of coastal charts made by J. ======================================================================= The oldest complete road map of the island may be the 1860 Map of Hancock County – the large wall map which shows roads and homeowners throughout the county.

Of special note on this 1887 map is the railroad leading from Eagle lake to the top of Green Mountain (Cadillac Mountain today).

For a few years – less than a decade – people could get to the top of the iconic mountain via a cog railway that went straight up from the lake.

The goal is to describe most of the known historical maps of Acadia National Park.

We begin with the 1887 map from the Colby and Stuart state atlas.

The National Park was not yet established, but the island was getting summer visitors, especially the Bar Harbor area.

This is a very detailed map showing home and business locations, with the owners’ names.

A steamboat got people to the railroad from the Bar Harbor Road at the north end of the lake.