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But they all have different and incompatible instant messaging programs. The most common addresses used for happen to be Hotmail accounts. The closest you might be able to come is to use yoru yahoo email address when you create a Microsoft Passport, and use that passport to connect to MSN. However, you still have to have an account for each one.

You mentioned it is possible to have a msn messenger without having an email account with them, BUT you forgot the most important part: HOW? msn mesengger even when i clicked on messenger on the msn home page it will take me 5 mins then they said page cannot be displayed pls help me its been like this for 3 months Hi Leo I wonder if you can help.

is there any configuration relating to use these accounts on the same (gaim)???

and please tell me that how would we enter our SN(screen Name/ID) in login field i mean if i am using msn them would i've to type [email protected] if i am using yahoo them [email protected] just screen name??

if i already have another (private) email account, how do i configure my msn messenger to work with it????!?!?! I recently installed msn messenger 7.0 which works fine for everything except when it comes to setting up a video conversation.

i cant log into my msn messenger and everytime i try they said use troubleshooter bla bla..i re-booted my comp. If i try and invite someone to view the my webcam or indeed a vidoe conversation it does not connect and throws me off my internet browser.

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hello How can i logg on to yahoo messenger from my msn messenger? hello sir, Can u help me in providng some sites where i can log into yahoo messenger...other than meebo or e-messenger ....something where i can get into after the web blockers.