Start Microsoft dns reverse lookup zone not updating

Microsoft dns reverse lookup zone not updating

As we can see, we get all the information for infosecinstitute automatically from dns Enum tool which having to specify the record type that we were doing in nslookup.

Below is a query response for an earlier query for record type A.

Important points to note in the response structure are: Below is a similar response to request query for record type AAAA.

But what happens behind the scenes is rather interesting, like how the request got from my browser to the correct domain name?

Well, it is the job of the DNS resolver in the end user system to fetch the IP address for the requested domain.

In this article, we will take a look at the complete DNS process, DNS lookup, DNS reverse lookup, DNS zone transfer, etc.

along with some tools to analyze & enumerate DNS traffic.

As you can see that address is reversed and is appended Below is an example of reverse lookup for infosecinstitute.

Looks like we cannot perform reverse lookup on domain As we know, Kali distro is specially assembled for pen testers and have some really cool tools available to do pen-test in just a few clicks. Below are some of the tools that can be used for DNS information gathering.

Then TLD looks out for next part of request like and query will be redirected to authoritative nameserver which surely has the information. Remember request is still from the recursive nameserver, so the record is retrieved and stored in the local cache of the nameserver.

This answer is further returned to end user computer and is stored in local cache.

So let’s take a look at the complete DNS structure in the following examples.