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Chapter Total: 1 poster, 1 food item Food Item (4/27) - Near the beginning of the chapter, after dropping down to the foor, turn 180 degrees and the "stale tacos" will be on the floor waiting for you to munch on.

Welcome to my collectible guide for Enslaved's first official (perhaps final) DLC: Pigsy's Perfect 10.

Finding all collectibles will net you the Dinner Date trophy.

Food Item (7/27) - On your way out of the scene where you destroyed the bots, you'll notice a ledge on the right hand side that you can grapple to (if you move your camera toward it).

Grapple to it and you'll see a food item that you can pick up. Chapter Total: 1 poster, 1 food item Poster (4/12) - Once you've taken out the two mechs with the blue laster sights, go past the door, and look to your right. Food Item (9/27) - Once you've picked up the poster, grapple down, and turn 180 degrees. Chapter Total: 1 poster, 3 food item Food Item (10/27) - Take out all the mechs and then head down the long hallway behind you (i.e., the hallway immediately behind your starting point in the level).

Chapter Total: no poster, 4 food items Food Item (14/27) - As your allied turret is taking out the enemies at the beginning of the level, rush back to where you started the chapter and then walk through the passageway to the very end. Food Item (15/27) - After avoiding the turret and hopping down two floors, look behind you.

On the right pipe, there is a food item to pick up.

So you’ve man­aged to attract a beau­ti­ful woman and you want to know how to keep her inter­ested in you?

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Grapple down, vault over the concrete barrier, grapple up, hop over the step and then walk behind the barrier on the right. Food Item (3/27) - After a sniping section, you'll grapple 3 times: once across the canyon via a hook and then twice you'll grapple up to another tier.

Once you've done completed these 3 grapples, there will be there will be 1 more grapple to go through (the camera will cut toward there). There's a "macaroni and baloney" food tiem to pick up at the end first.

Ninja Theory also seems to like to place items at the beginning of the level and in areas that appear to be blocked but actually aren't.