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Unlike profile-powered sites like Match and e Harmony, Tinder taps into a superficial element of our human nature.

Bela, as a love and dating guru, and me, a codependency/relationship specialist, trainer, psychotherapist and author, found ourselves intensely engaged in our shared attempts to explain the seemingly mysterious, alluring and deeply irresistible nature of Tinder -- the newest and hottest Internet dating service.

According to Tinder founder and CEO Sean Rad, as of February 2014, Tinder is responsible for 750 million swipes and 10 million matches per day.

And with a match, one experiences the full breadth of the dopamine-induced fireworks show!

Turning a conversational corner, Bela and I also hypothesized that Tinder's hypnotic allure borrows from the same psychological process that addictively draws people to play slot machines.

Although Tinder doesn't deplete your savings account, it is certainly capable of depleting your limited reserves of hope, wonder, and self-esteem. Chamorrow-Premuzic (2014) believes that Tinder is capable of damaging one's self-esteem and confidence, while aggravating or even causing anxiety and depression.

He further asserted that the problem with Tinder-like dating apps is that they can be more arousing than the actual hook up.

Some machine gamblers become so caught up in the rhythm of play that it dampens their awareness of space, time and monetary value.

The trance caused by the slot machine's whirling wheels, flashy lights, loud sounds, and triumphant siren blast of the lucky bastard next to you who just won a jackpot, keeps you transfixed and glued to your one-armed bandit -- at least until all of your money is gone.

In our own synergistic "little chemistry" moment, we found ourselves effortlessly sharing ideas and explanations about romantic chemistry.

If ideas were truly light bulbs going on above someone's head, we, and the other inhabitants of the restaurant, would have needed sunglasses!

I propose that there are two types of chemistry: romantic and platonic.