Start Dating rich ladies in nigeria

Dating rich ladies in nigeria

Rebecca Onyekwere (fictitious name) was young, beautiful, about thirty-one years old, striking, and trim.

In short, he was oogly (superlative form of ugliness).

The only good thing going for this man was that he was a very rich trader, moneyed, miserly, with a lot of incisive investments to his name.

You are under the illusion that the women you hardly know back home are innocent, un-spoilt, and virginal.

It is an ego-inflating thing to demonstrate to yourself and folks back home that you can bring one of your own to the United States.

I will add that Nigerian husbands are some of the nicest set of people, and I know quite a number of them; good men, upright men, and it is not their fault that the women left. You know you couldn't have her in Nigeria when you were in your twenties because you weren't an old sugar daddy You weren't Sonny Ade, Fela Ramson Kuti, nephew of the oil minister, the son of an Nnewi transporter Ekele Dilichukwu, or directly in line to inherit the property of an importer of building materials from a village of Osumenyi in Anambra State. I will wager that most Nigerian men in the United States didn't realize they were racing against the clock when they waited too late to marry. As I was roaming Alaba Market in Lagos one summer, I stumbled over what I thought was the answer.

Mistake Two: YOU ARE NAÏVE WHEN IT COMES TO LOVEIn Nigeria, most Nigerian women would marry anyone who could provide a measure of security. Here was an unusual Igboman named Simon Onyekwere (not real name) who was married to a lady medical doctor.

I define security as refuse, sanctuary, defense, protection, precaution, safety. The man was in his late fifties or early sixties, as dark and greasy as la raccoon laid back as a stretcher, and couldn't be considered handsome by any standards imaginable.

Love is the most misunderstood word in the English language. Simon Onyekwere had missing front teeth, the few good ones he had were extremely large and gave him the appearance of a chimpanzee.

Her family quickly married her off to a semi-illiterate trader who paid for her medical training in Nigeria and London.

Chief Simon Onyekwere made sure Rebecca had three children in rapid succession before completing university just in case she ran into waiting arms of a more handsome adventurer from overseas, like Nigerians in US or UK.

Why are many Nigerian households broken up by divorces or end up with death of one spouse or both? You left Nigeria when you were in your early or middle thirties, had no real girlfriend, and indecisive about marriage.