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Prision women dating

Also, different therapeutic subscales showed relevant associations between them.

Aunque la evaluación de la reincidencia delictiva sea una medida necesaria para ponderar la eficacia final del tratamiento de los agresores sexuales, dicha medida no permite conocer con precisión las mejoras específicas que los sujetos pueden experimentar.

Este artículo dirige su atención precisamente a evaluar con detalle la eficacia terapéutica del tratamiento de los agresores sexuales de mujeres adultas.

With regard to offenders’ rehabilitation, recidivism assessments are necessary as a final measure of treatment effectiveness.

However, the evaluation of recidivism by itself does not provide sufficient information on the treatment process and the specific effects that treated subjects could undergo.

Most Spanish prisons provide specialised treatment for incarcerated sex offenders, both rapists and child molesters.

This treatment is a cognitive-behavioural intervention that has shown relative effectiveness in previous research.

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This publications contains the full text of the Republic Act No.