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Dramatics dance debating dating

The story is far from cliches Everytime we think a cliche will happen, the scenes shows a different result. I really really love this drama( suspicious partner) really love the chemistry both leads and the way they carry the drama.,word " PERFECT" is not enough to describe how awesome this highly 1 and only favorite drama for 2017.thumbs up to the cast, crew, writer, pdnim.thank you for the wonderful to ji chang wook and nam ji fans we love you so much.

It would have been great if Ji Chang Wook was also there with you and the rest of the cast of SP during the award night, but military duty calls.

And knowing how hard-working Wookie can get, I'm sure that he's also doing a great job in his military training. From your ajumma fan here in the Philippines This is one of the best romantic comedy kdrama i have ever seen.

It must be a spell or something and this never happened to me in over a decade of drama watching.

It may not be a perfect drama with tight enough writing but it sure is one of those that gets you attached to it.

Later that night, Bong-Hee goes to a nearby convenience store and when she returns to her apartment, she finds Hee-Joon stabbed to death.

Bong-Hee is arrested for his murder and Ji-Wook becomes the prosecutor in her murder case.

Don't listen to anyone who says the chemistry between the leads was bad, just watch the bts! Since I'm not a fan of both leads but a k drama fan, i don't know about their chemistry but.... But, later on, gets scared at every little thing, whimpers, cowers, and becomes just another damsel in distress.

Sometimes, her beginning character image shows up again, but most times, it's the weak pitiful Eun Bong-Hee.

The main leads were really believable as a pairing even though the writing was a little disappointing at the middle of the drama but it still has a lot of great quotes to remember.

Congratulations Nam Ji Hyun/Bong Hee for winning the Best Excellence Artist Award at SBS Korean Drama Award for 2017!

Storyline hard to enjoy when the female lead has to be the one doing stupid things all the time and instead of just fessing up as bad judgment call, it's actually just cause her character needs to be saved... The pairing are not match at all, they should choose older female actress who can portray mature/tomboy character.

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