Start Frankee and eamon dating

Frankee and eamon dating

You get in your car, you open them up, and you bury your nose into the pack before taking any out.

I’ve jot put my nose to the CK for years so he might be right. This starts as sharp smoke-imbedded- in- a-favorite leather jacket.

The sweet vanilla quickly snuggles around like a favorite scarf.

I'm never one to layer any scent with another but, hear me out before scrutinizing my suggestion. It's very strong and long lasting just like this, it's been around for over 20 years that has a lifelike dry tobacco note which 'just' happens to correct the issue here in Tobacco Vanille of little tobacco... You'd be pleasantly surprised beyond recognition how well these 2 layer together. It comes off very luxurious, and it works best dressed up formally on very cold nights. I don't think it's suitable for work (def not mine; I teach and not need to smell that strongly of sweet tobacco) but it's pretty good for a night out.

It recreates the smell that makes you think, 'this is what Tobacco Vanille should've smelled like', tobacco first, then vanilla, for the whole entire duration. Edited: wore it again last night on a chilly evening walk.

After 30 minutes once that superb tobacco note fizzles away into sweet, sweet vanilla bliss for never ending hours on end, you're left with an incredibly linear, incredibly strong albeit a really good one, vanilla perfume for Men. I get a beautiful, thick vanilla with some chocolate-like tobacco. Perfectly unisex 8/10 The opening, for me, is a VERY heavy, sweet tobacco. I am still training my nose though, and it's been a while since I've worn it, so I might edit this later.

There's still a slightly noticeable tobacco note but let's face it, Tobacco Vanille is all about very sweet and cookie like vanilla, it smells pretty dang good though, 'if' you're a lover of the vanilla. I also get a touch of cinnamon or some other spice, but for the most part you will get a lovely vanilla pipe tobacco. It's got pretty decent longevity, and I'm not sure about the sillage.

I consider it's best suited for formal occasions, with optimal performance on cold days.

It was made for women and men, although I agree it leans more on the masculine side.

I tried to wash it off but it's so strong (a good thing! But I kept trying and found it quite enjoyable the next few times. Tom Ford fragrances are long-lasting and initially enjoyable, but they lack complexity. Time of Day - I usually wear it when I go out on the weekends or before a social event. Despite that, we decided that since it was unisex it may smell better on her and I can only be glad that we did because this has become her ultimate upper class scent and she absolutely loves it on herself.

Finally decided it's delicious but leaning masculine, and not sweet enough for me to actually wear as a perfume. After wearing the delicious Tobacco Vanille sample for a couple weeks, I decided I was tired of smelling like a burnt vanilla cupcake. Love the design of the bottle, but that isn't nearly as important as what's inside. This is the kind of fragrance that is deceiving because on a woman it is probably one of the sexiest things I've ever smelled, while on me it was far too mature for a 33 year old and gave off an old man vibe.

Not a review, just reporting on some feedback I received today while wearing TFTV.