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Fassbender may have avoided the Golden Globes and a flurry of think pieces, but allegations of domestic abuse have silently trailed him in recent years.

While she doesn’t name the event, Andrews was most likely referring to the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest 2009 in Ischia, Italy.

The actress claimed in her petition that Fassbender attacked her after a night of boozing at a festival “ceremony,” court papers reveal.

It only takes a simple Google search to find the TMZ bulletin that vividly chronicled Fassbender’s alleged abuse.

While the 2010 report landed right before Fassbender’s mainstream success, it came after —and was promptly ignored and seemingly forgotten by journalists, A-list directors, and Hollywood executives alike.

“I woke him and he began to be violent and threw me over a chair, breaking my nose.”According to the court record, a judge granted a temporary restraining order that called for Fassbender to move out of the couple’s Bel Air home, which she said was leased in her name.

The court made the ruling based on Andrews’ claims that Fassbender was currently out of the country and therefore not living there, records show.“Michael is currently shooting films and is to return to the USA in the next weeks,” Andrews wrote in the petition.

She also sought attorneys’ fees, nearly $24,000 to pay her medical bills (allegedly arising from injuries she suffered at Fassbender’s hands), and requested Fassbender enroll in a 52-week batterer intervention program. 18 was a clerical error on her part, or if she sought medical attention 11 days later.)One disturbing episode allegedly occurred when Fassbender, Andrews, and two friends dined at a restaurant.

In her petition, she listed the “date of most recent abuse” as Nov. But in her narrative of the encounter, she wrote that she visited a hospital on Nov. (Her medical bills, submitted in the filings, note a Nov. According to Andrews, Fassbender became enraged when one of her ex-boyfriends approached their table to say hello.

His mother, Adele, told the that, “I don’t know where she is getting this story from, Michael is the most gentle man you could ever meet.”But a petition filed in court by Andrews and obtained by The Daily Beast tells a different story: one where Fassbender, on separate occasions, was alleged to have dragged her alongside a car and broke her nose. Fassbender’s representative did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Reached by phone, Andrews declined to comment on the story and referred a Daily Beast reporter to her court filings.“You’ve got the paperwork. According to court filings, Andrews filed for a restraining order against Fassbender in Los Angeles County in March 2010, requesting the actor stay at least 100 yards away from her, and her then-18-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

“Lots of internal bleeding.” One former friend at dinner that night, who didn’t want to be named and declined comment, said she didn’t witness the alleged car-dragging incident.“I was with her that night.