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Objectdatasource onupdating event

But when the city table is updated the Country Name fields is left blank. But the microsoft portal sample is adding Key / Value to the e. Your solution of using a wrapper around the class entity is excellent way of doing it.

Hi All, When updating records I need to record the name of the user that has made the update.

As this isn't a field on my formview, I have called an On Updating event to add the additional parameter I require: Nested Formview Datasource Inserted Event? When someone clicks the button ( which adds a record to the database ), I want the page to refresh.

The Grid View is being populated using an Object Data Source and Object Data Type Name details of which are given in the code. All related code and table structure is given in the code.

Step one is to select the Country from a dropdownlist which is set to Auto Post Back=true.

Tried to delete and recreate, tried to add the country Name etc but failed. In the DAO I am fetching the country Name from the database and inserting / updating to the City table. My solution requires a database access but your approach is without a database access and also a new way i have learned. Can Concerto Cloud Services help you focus on evolving your application offerings, while delivering the best cloud experience to your customers?

From Dev Ops to revenue models and customer support, the answer is yes!

I am then writing the bo in the context of the web and not generically.

I feel like I must be missing something on how this all works.

Firstly, I handle the On Item Updating event myself and cancel the automatic event handling by setting the Form View Update Event Args. Then catch the values from Form View Update Event Args values collection, create my BL object and fill it with these values.

Then I use my BL's save method with as many extra parameters as I want.

My normal thing to do would be on the datasource inserted, but this datasource is nested, so I can't use it. I can set all other attributes or even create new ones using this Tag object but it does'nt work for the style attribute at all. If I can't set the style attribute in my custom contr...