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If you’re in paid work you might be entitled to a work allowance.

The work allowance is the amount of money you’re allowed to earn before your Universal Credit payment is affected.

To request an advance, you will need to talk to your work coach, or call the Universal Credit helpline.

This can be done when: You will be asked to explain why you need the advance, provide your bank details and have your identity checked.

You will get the maximum award if your household has no other earnings and savings or capital of £6,000 or less.

If you or someone in your household has other earnings and/or savings, these will be taken into account when working out your Universal Credit payment.

In Northern Ireland, Universal Credit works differently. In Scotland, you might be offered some choices about how your Universal Credit is paid. The Autumn Budget 2017 announced changes to Universal Credit, to come into force in April 2018.

Anyone receiving Housing Benefit at the time of a UC application will continue to receive the benefit for a further two weeks. Don’t delay making your claim for Universal Credit and apply as soon as you are entitled to do so as it can take up to five weeks for your first payment to reach your account.

The repayments come out of your future monthly Universal Credit payment over 12 months and the first repayment will come out of your first full payment.

Under exceptional circumstances, for example if you can’t afford the repayments or will fall into debt, repayments can be delayed for up to three months.

Universal Credit is a new benefit to support you if you’re working and on a low income or you’re out of work.