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Fortunately, at the time, they had a rather large (although shrinking) Empire with plenty of remote space available.

Pakistan’s political problems prevented any early testing of their devices and its wasn’t until May 28, 1998 that five nuclear devices were exploded in the course of one afternoon deep underground.

The test was named Chagai-1 and was precipitated by India’s detonation of two nuclear devices early in May.

Although the Indian government claimed the site was in a remote desert area, it was near a population site.

Pokhran was a town with a population of around 15000 when the first nuclear test was carried out at the nearby army base in September 1974.

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It wasn’t until May 11, 1998 that India carried out another test at the site.

Designated Pokhran-2., four nuclear devices were detonated.

According to the Pakistanis, the largest yield from one of the devices was up to 40 kilotons.

However, Western sources believe the largest yield was actually less than 20 kilotons.

Two sites in South Australia, Maralinga and Emu Field, were selected.