Start Sweet dee is dating a retarded person episode

Sweet dee is dating a retarded person episode

While paying off their debt to the mob, Charlie and Dee try to find a way to make fake cocaine in order to fool them, while Dennis ranks in thousands of dollars being pimped out at the local country club.

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Frank is about to be arrested for pounding the drums too loudly.

Everything is settled when Frank announces he's found the perfect set to buy.

PM on a Wednesday Dee introduces The Gang to her new boyfriend—an up-and-coming rapper named Lil' Kevin.

When he leaves for the recording studio, Dennis informs Dee that her boyfriend—real name Kevin Gallagher—is retarded.

Mac then invites Frank to take he and Charlie out to buy instruments.

After choosing a guitar based entirely on how he looks when he holds it, Mac is shocked to discover that Charlie can actually play keyboards.

Charlie admits its a skill he's had forever and he's always wanted to be onstage.

Of course, Charlie would prefer to be behind a curtain on stage, but Mac is already more inspired because someone in the band can actually play an instrument.

Dee begins dating an amateur rapper who Dennis thinks is mentally retarded.