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'The Mail' was dutiful enough to get the phrase 'Bond style' into its sub-heading.

Even her songs choices changed so she could have some audience pleasers for such an event (like "Shake It Off").

Calling her a phony would be insult to phonies and fakes. Even Madonna must be in awe of her how Taylor plays the PR game. Call me naive since I don't have a dog in this fight, but it seems to me that only fraus in loveless marriages and ugly-average girls with nothing going on in their lives would look at a 35 year old guy and think it's odd that he's attracted to a very famous 26 year old woman who happens to be very attractive (yeah, pick her apart, you bunch of Adrianna Limas.), very wealthy and beloved my millions of people around the world.

When she met Tom Hiddleston at Anna Wintour's pre-Met Gala house party, it was deliberate. Maybe his team reached out to her team and she said she'd like to meet him. He is probably already laughing at her behind her back, to keep from screaming.

I agree with R3, I think Hiddleston could be straight, just doing this for PR. If he is straight, he's made quite a show of being a pussy hound. Maybe Calvin Harris hoped he could wrangle an extension on his contract, but alas!

All this 'more sizzle than steak' is quite amusing. Tom has lost a lot of respect from his most ardent fans.

Too bad the concerted effort has coincided with Orlando, Jo Cox and Brexit, a tumultuous news cycle. I don't think this type of PR is going to help him.

My theory: If anyone is closeted, IMO, it's Taylor. The whole point of Calvin was to show her in a stable, long term relationship...until he got busted at a massage parlor.

(She probably had him followed and had one of her toads took the pictures & sold them.

And I guess it is more about various companies and sites like dl themselves, the latter through webmasters, censorship and other things, protecting celebs, Hollywood , not that often PR folks of individual stars and politicians to protect their image on dl . My hunch is he's straight-leaning bisexual, highly ambitious, wants to be A List globally and he's got 3-4 years to achieve that. She knows it's denting her golden girl image that she has clocked up so many exes. " Fucked if I know what the real story is with them, but there's something about this one that's a little different from her others.

So many bitter Kaylors on this board, switching between here and their Kaylor Tumblr blog.

Taylor isn't gay; she loves men and likes getting fucked, but she gets bored easily.