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The CW is the best place to find today’s great new shows, including hit shows like The Vampire Diaries, Ringer, The Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie, 90210, Supernatural, Nikita, America’s Next Top Model, and Gossip Girl. Below are five of the best places in Seattle to try your hand at mosaics, painting, paper crafts, fusing glass, ceramics and more.

I receive free memberships for review purposes from most of the studios, but am otherwise not directly compensated for my reviews.

You won't pay any more clicking through my studio links and in many cases, I can save you a bit of coin with some of the best subscription discounts and HTC Vive headsets with initial delivery dates now approaching rapidly.

I would most likely have never even heard of some of these European girls if it were not for watching I try to hit up movies from all of the best VR porn sites, so if you are into virtual reality porn, bookmark us and follow us on Twitter @3DPorn Reviews our main website social media account. This Website contains uncensored sexually explicit material unsuitable for minors. If you are under 18-years old and you do enter, you may be violating local, state, or federal law.

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When this blog started in early 2016, there was not a whole ton of content, where now, there are quite a few titles released each week, and my focus has become more cherry picking what I feel to be the best or most interesting scenes to screenshot and review or new studios that readers may be curious about.

I have watched probably 500 or more scenes in the last 2 years, easily over 300 in 2016 alone, and come from a technical background in audio and video.

But something funny happened over the last year, as games kind of stagnated as they wait for consumer headset releases.

Once you checked out the few games that offered really good VR support, it was kind of like, well...

As a result, I have now probably spent as much time watching Oculus porn, as I have playing Valkyrie, Elite Dangerous and IRacing.

I am certainly glad I went ahead and got an Oculus Rift DK2 when I did, as that has given me some 18 months or so of early Adult VR content.

Hell, Naughty America VR even got a booth at E3 this year!