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We’ve seen this issue play out in the High Court courtesy of ii Net’s legal defence against the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft.

“Their chairperson is Michael Fraser who has also just been named chairperson of the Australian Copyright Council.

He is not a representative of consumer interests and it is hard to see an organisation that he leads will be an impartial and fair advocate for consumers.” “To rectify this imbalance we request that these discussions be opened up to transparent public participation.

However, Gadir could hardly help but be aware that ultimately Fraser is, in some form, one of the figures overseeing ACCAN in general.

Ultimately, all staff at ACCAN are accountable to the organisation’s board, and Fraser chairs that board.

It increasingly seems as as if the list of those who are allowed to attend these secret talks is a highly exclusive one.

The longer they go on without the involvement of the public, and without any information from the talks being made available, the longer this whole process becomes increasingly compromised.

The issue is likely to be one which has been and will again be discussed at the talks being held by the Attorney-General’s Department.

And is is likely that ACCAN will argue against the need to terminate users’ accounts for repeated Internet piracy activities.

Fraser’s defence in this case would no doubt be that he is attending the talks in his role as director of UTS’ Communications Law Centre.

However, it is my strong personal opinion that that it is impossible to separate Fraser’s role at UTS from his other roles chairing both the Australian Copyright Council and ACCAN. It is possible to argue that ACCAN’s staff representation at the talks, Jonathan Gadir, will act independently of Fraser, and this is no doubt the argument that ACCAN would make in this case.

ACCAN has stipulated that it will be represented by staffer Jonathan Gadir, its in-house acting director of Policy & Campaigns.