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Free adult slave roleplay chat

These clients are packed with features that enable you to have full use of all the benefits of our adult chat network. Game is reset on the first day of each month, one winner per month. #Dommes Dungeon - [Bondage Chat, D/s Chat Room]Dungeon for Doms, Dommes and all that are willing to enter and be subservient to them (scening permitted and encouraged, no private messages without permission granted in channel first.) War scripts, virus distribution, hacking attempts on the servers/network or it's users and like behavior are strictly prohibited on this network.

up IRC Unix Bitch X II irssi kvirc Z s IRC Windows d IRC Klient Chat/ m IRC p IRCh RC Xi RCON is a developing network and all constructive criticism and comments are accepted and will be considered.

Since then he has taken advantage of the groups financial assets and not had to work a day despite the many indulgences he chases.

Appearance:stands six feet tall, skin lightly tanned, hair and eyes both a very dark blackish brown; hair being somewhat shaggy just above his eyebrows and over his ears but kempt.

TRAVEL All Travel must be as realistic as possible within the Crossroads.

This particular boy was strange, being he had cat ears. Now this has become a fad in the small, dark world. Collars: Red: Dangerous and violent Blue: Calm and quiet White: Pure, calm, shy, and no threat at all Black: Sneaky and extremely dangerous Yellow: Lean and skinny Orange: Strong and athletic Charms: Skull: Hunter Book: A teacher Star: Pleasure Barbell: Physical Labor Heart: Emotional Relationship (Example: Adopted child, wife)Skillet: Maid Master Template: Name: Race: (Masters must be either vampire or human)Age: Gender: Sexuality: Preferred Collars: Preferred Charms: Personality: Bio: Appearance: Slave Template: Name: Race: (Can't be human or vampire)Age: Gender: Sexuality: Collars: (Max 3)Charms: (Max 3)Personality: Bio: Appearance: I'll make mine later x D Aang is very quiet, he doesn't ever show emotions anymore, so use to what he has been put through.

The terrain varies including the vast expanse of sa-tarna fields, forests, swamplands, barrens, mountains, This room covers all the lands of Gor.there are many Wild animals(NPC) that you May come Across on the Cross Roads. The Crossroads is a full Kill/Capture/Force Collar/Mirror Zone room. COMBAT All combat within the Crossroads is in accordance with Gorean Common Laws for Open Combat.

One never knows what dangoure they encounter while Travling on the Crossroads of Gor. BASIC RULES There are no anonymous or ~o~ names allowed, nor are they needed, in the crossroads. Once combat has started, help must arrive within 15 minutes. No one may attack on entry or exit posts, but you may defend on these if need be CHARACTERS NOT ALLOWED No roleplay of Anonymous characters is allowed in the crossroads.

An IRC network with free chat rooms / chatrooms for all adults. This is an "Adults Only" network, users must be of legal age in their geographical area to use our network (though difficult to prove, age is usually evident by behavior.)We offer free web space associated with active registered chat rooms / channels on the network. Webchat java interface for our chat rooms is available by clicking on the chat button next to one of the adult chat rooms listed below.