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Bone collagen dating

Then But the absolute worst thing about these keloids is they are the impetus behind the wall I’ve erected around my heart.

One of the biggest is getting enough oxygen to the organ through a complex network of blood vessels.

It’s so insurmountable, so indestructible because knocking it down would mean I’d have to be vulnerable – and that is my absolute worst nightmare.

You mean to tell me I’d have to expose my scarred skin to someone I want to be loved by when, truth be told, I can’t even love when I look at my keloids?

The experiment follows a string of successes for researchers trying to create spare body parts for transplants.

In 2007, British doctors grew a human heart valve using stem cells taken from a patient’s bone marrow.

The scientists stripped the cells from the dead hearts with a powerful detergent, leaving ‘ghost heart’ scaffolds made from the protein collagen.

The ghost hearts were then injected with millions of stem cells, which had been extracted from patients and supplied with nutrients.

Scientists are growing human hearts in laboratories, offering hope for millions of cardiac patients.