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Ptr not updating records in dns

Many companies, including your own ISP might offer DNS hosting on your behalf, but make sure they offer a web based interface which allows you to have some control over your DNS records and make sure they offer good technical support.

Users have the ability to update their Reverse DNS records at any time to change the PTR and time to live (TTL).

Another option is to do PTR synchronization directly from clients.

This method requires a client which is able to update A and PTR records separately.

Some common DNS Hosting providers consist of companies such as Go Daddy, Network Solutions and Dyn DNS to name three.

There are possibly hundreds, so shop around if you have not found one yet.

records so that other mailservers can find you to send mail to your users, and so that other mailservers will trust you to receive your mail.

There are also DNS records designed to protect you from spam and to help other servers to trust that your server is not a spam host.

I stumbled upon the following topic ( where The behavior of Client not registering PTR record by default is modified prior to Windows7 (mostly during Vista time) and is the intended behavior.