Start Maks chmerkovskiy who is he dating

Maks chmerkovskiy who is he dating

A source close to the show told Us Weekly that the pair 'are definitely appearing on Monday's show' and that 'they have already rehearsed this week.

The couple, who welcomed son Shai Alexander in January, chatted briefly before leaning in for a loving smooch before getting back to practice with their partners Vanessa and Nick Lachey.

Although Maks was MIA from the show on Monday, sources say that he and his partner Vanessa appear to have patched things up after first facing serious personality issues.

And next week he'll team up with Maks as well, partnering with his brother and his celeb partner, Vanessa Lachey, for group routines."I never want to battle it out with him, but I don't necessarily want him on my team either," Val told ET. He definitely adds to the team and most importantly he adds Vanessa Lachey to our team.

So I think we have a great comraderie and everyone's awesome." RELATED: 'Dancing With the Stars' Oozes Hollywood Glamour on Movie Night -- See Who Went Home!

he's telling his family he's no longer diabetic ... We're told Rob says he's in remission and his doctor told him he doesn't have to take medication for his type 2 diabetes.

He was hospitalized last December for his diabetes, which doctors warned could put him in a diabetic coma if he didn't maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The engagement seemed the fairy tale ending to their rapport as colleagues and a fresh, new meaning to the word "partner." So what happened?

In July they finally set a wedding date of June 2010 when their hectic Broadway schedules reportedly got in the way. "We're rehearsing 14 hours a day." reported that Maks had taken a lead with the planning, and Karina said she'd go along with whatever he wanted.

Se la vie..." (The post was removed before the researching of this story.) Yep, looks like Maks is groveling, even though AOL is reporting he dumped Karina because she's "too high maintenance" and "lacked independence."However they'll stay a team to fulfill their obligation to dance together at this year's Emmys on Septemer 20 but will no longer share a dressing room, according to

Rob Kardashian has made an incredible turnaround in his fight against diabetes ...

And yesterday, the dancer went to Twitter to take full responsibility for his absence and apologize to his partner. 'There is a big chemistry issue,' the insider claimed.