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Who is morena baccarin dating

“Austin confronted Morena about the photo,” the insider said.

But there were complications: in February of that year, the , a judge issued a ruling saying Baccarin will have to pay Chick just under $23,000 a month: $2,693 for child support and $20,249 for spousal support.

“Today, I am in a new committed relationship,” she wrote.

Aside from moving on, Baccarin also confirmed how serious their relationship was and where it was heading. “Also, I am three-and-a-half months pregnant.” It’s unclear when Mc Kenzie and Baccarin first started dating -- their characters became romantic at the end of season one -- but according to an eyewitness it was before Chick filed for divorce.

"I think we'd rarely get to see each other otherwise.

at the moment, but thankfully the same can't be said for them in real life.

While the Emmy-nominated actress may be on top in the work department, her personal life isn't so stellar.

In fact, Baccarin has been the subject of much gossip focused around her questionable relationships.

And Baccarin was flaunting a new accessory aside from her new arm candy—a growing baby bump. This would be the second for the starlet who already has a son (Julius) with Chick.