Start Updating firmware on macbookpro

Updating firmware on macbookpro

Lightroom only works with files in regular Finder folders.

When you start importing the pictures into Lightroom, it will match their keywords to the hierarchy you’ve just imported.

The one problem will be where the same keyword occurs more than once in the hierarchy.

Also, backup is no good if you don’t validate it or know how to recover files after a problem.

So take the opportunity to make sure everything is indeed being backed up, and try restoring some files to prove you know how to use that part of your backup program.

Essentially you have two alternative ways to get metadata out of Aperture, and you should think through both of them before proceeding.

Also keep in mind you need to handle raw files differently from JPEG, DNG, TIF and PSD files as they shouldn’t usually have xmp sidecars.

But this is a detail that will only affect a few users – just be aware of the issue.

Although Aperture won’t export all its metadata, there are ways around it: I am no Apple Script expert but I have an script which handles the colour labels and the flags.

If you want your Aperture project structure to be reflected in the new folder structure, or want a date-based folder structure, Relocate Originals / Masters has suitable options.

Once the files are in regular Finder folders, you can import them into Lightroom. Your Aperture keyword hierarchy should now be exactly reproduced in Lightroom.

Moving your photos from Aperture to Lightroom is not difficult.