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North American Medicine Woman in Prayer In ancient Greek mythology, in the temples of Argos, , the goddess Hygeia was the daughter of Aesculapius. Baked clay structures which contain iron oxide include ovens and kilns.

Reconstruction of a Mesolithic female shaman, 7000-6500 BCE, Bad Durrenberg. The method is not wholly accurate because of counting errors and contamination from background radiation.

The Ekven burial of a female shaman was found at Chukotka on the Russian side of the Bering Strait. Recurrent artefacts and examples of female shamanic practice are amulets, medicine bags, mirrors, and head-dresses shown by excavated regalia, as well as drums. For this reason all dates are quoted with a standard deviation(SD) of plus or minus so many years. For example a 50 mg human bone sample has its 25% collagen protein isolated.

It was a woman around 25 years of age accompanied by a child of some 6 to 12 months of age. Evidence of the primordial origin of female shamans is shown by the excavated burials. It is a viable method for sites earlier than 100,000 years, and therefore can develop outline chronology for early human evolution and origins.

The grave goods and artefacts comprised those assumed to have a ritualistic and shamanic function. Such burials have been found dating from the 5th century before the present. Based on the decay of potassium to argon the isotope has a half-life of 1.3 billion (1,330,000,000) years.

The interment represents the ritual burial of one of the oldest human spiritual figures. The emission of light is called thermoluminescence.

The interment ritual and technique indicate a shamanic burial with especially placed animal bones, some 50 tortoise shells, the tail of a cow and the wing of an eagle. For example, in pottery or the clay lining of a kiln, the process of electron displacement begins when it is fired.

Menomonee medicine woman As has been shown by both female shamans and medicine women in many times, climes and cultures “…it not infrequently happens that the female idea of the Shamanate prevails to such an extent that the most powerful shamans are women…” (Maddox, 1941). It is only usable with large surviving wood pieces, generally from waterlogged environments.

The antiquity of the shamanic role of women is illustrated by the evidence of surviving rock and cave art which can be interpreted in terms of shamanism, fertility ritual, and rites of passage. From Girls to Women: female imagery in the San Rock Paintings. For example — The Sweet Track, which is a Neolithic timber walkway in the Somerset Levels dated to the winter of 3807 to 3806 BC. Essay contribution to University of Oxford Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology (2003).

The Natufians of the southern Levant of 15,000 to 11,500 BP were a nomadic people who lived along the east Mediterranean (Tharoor, 2008). These isotopes emit radiation which displaces electrons that then become trapped in the crystal lattice of the material.

The excavated remains were those of a diminutive, disabled ‘shaman’ woman of advanced years, in a specially constructed grave. Trapped electrons are released only when the material is heated to over 500C.

A distinction has to be made between the meaning of the terms ‘shamanic’ and ‘shamanistic’. It is useful in bog and marsh conditions plus dry, arid regions. Location of Avebury within the county of Wiltshire. The complex includes Avebury Monument (circa 2900-2600 BC), West Kennet long barrow and England’s largest prehistoric tomb (circa 3600 BC), Windmill Hill Causewayed camp (circa 3600 BC), Silbury Hill which is Europe’s tallest artificial hill, and the remnants of two avenues of standing stones, see Figure 3. The Avebury environs complex reflect an awareness of order explained by a Neolithic farming community, especially one that stresses a relationship between earth and sky as well as the cyclical progression of seasons and the animals, crops and the ritual that involves (Dames, 1977). Occupying the termination of an east to west ridge it is surrounded by countryside of light soils and undulating slopes.