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Most accurate form of radiometric dating

There are apparent conflicts between the Bible and some areas of science relative to the date of the Great Flood.

The Flood was sent because of universal total human depravity, with extreme violence toward others, which warranted severe punishment. All the time, effort, and expense of building this enormous ship was wasted if it were only a local flood. we conclude that the Scriptures furnish no data for a chronological computation prior to the life of Abraham; and that the Mosaic records do not fix and were not intended to fix the precise date either of the Flood or of the creation of the world" (1890: 303).

Noah and his family, guiding a host of animals and other creatures, could have migrated to a higher area and waited for a local flood to flow out into the ocean. Space on the Ark equalled over 500 railroad box cars. They may also have hibernated for the whole time, minimizing the feeding and cleaning problems. He has allowed for great genealogical gaps in order to accommodate scientific information which he believes indicates a very old earth (1890: 286).

Experts say only one-third of that number would have been needed. Genesis genealogies: William Henry Green, a nineteenth century Princeton theologian, has influenced many to accept large gaps in the genealogical records. Considering the Flood as universal, all mankind since then are descended from the sons of Noah. Peter prophesied in 2 Peter 3: 3-6 that scoffers would deny the world was destroyed by a flood.

He said these willfully ignore this stupendous event.

"Flood traditions" (the Gilgamesh Epic, the Atrahasis Epich, etc.), even though not as accurate as the Bible, all say the ark came to rest on a mountain. The world before the Flood was quite different from the world today.

Since it did not rain before the Flood (Genesis 2:5), yet rivers flowed (v.10), there must have been great subterranean reservoirs of water.

They base this view on scientific data which seemingly presents insurmountable problems for a universal flood.

In general, they hold to the following principles: Considering the biblical narrative, which says that the Flood was universal, the words "all" and "every" are used 16 times in Genesis 6-9 to describe the totality of the Flood.

Prehistoric man has been described as living in the "stone ages." However, stone age people are a relative phenomenon.

In every generation, including ours, since the beginning of time, some groups have lived in a "stone age," while nearby, people lived with high civilizations.

Present mountain ranges are mostly sedimentary rocks attributable to a flood, or volcanoes.