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Sex dating in consett county durham

If you would like more information or support please contact us at the surgery Sands is the stillbirth and neonatal death charity.

Before you start, why not: Find out what's happening to you and your baby at: Three weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period, your fertilised egg moves slowly along the fallopian tube towards the womb. You might start to notice the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

By now the face is slowly forming, and the eyes are more obvious and have some colour in them.

Whatever you want to know about getting pregnant, being pregnant or caring for your new baby, you should find it here.

The below website is for County Durham and Darlington Maternity Services and excellent source of informationhttps:// find detailed week-by-week guides and lots of expert videos, parents' tips and interactive tools to explore.

Read more about how much weight will I put on in pregnancy?

At 14 weeks, the baby is about 85mm long from head to bottom.

You might still be feeling tired and sick, but this should clear up soon.

Find out what else happens in the third month of pregnancy.

If you have been feeling sick and tired, you will probably start to feel better when you are around 13 or 14 weeks pregnant.

Your baby's body grows bigger so that the head and body are more in proportion and the baby doesn't look so top heavy.

The amniotic fluid now turns into waste, called meconium, in the baby's intestines, and the soft hair (lanugo) that covered your baby's body is now almost all gone. There are many local support networks which can be accessed directly or via a referral from your GP.