Start Updating views in sql server

Updating views in sql server

15108 16 sp_addtype cannot be used to define user-defined data types for varchar(max), nvarchar(max) or varbinary(max) data types. 15109 16 Cannot change the owner of the master, model, tempdb or distribution database.

15009 16 The object ‘%s’ does not exist in database ‘%s’ or is invalid for this operation. 15078 16 The table or view must be in the current database. 15080 16 Cannot use parameter %s for a Windows login.

15020 10 Statistics have been created for the %d listed columns of the above tables. 15023 16 User, group, or role ‘%s’ already exists in the current database. 15040 16 User-defined error messages must have an ID greater than 50000. The default must be created using the CREATE DEFAULT statement.

15141 16 The server principal owns an %S_MSG and cannot be dropped. 15147 16 No decryption password should be provided because the private key of this %S_MSG is encrypted by a master key. 15153 16 The xp_cmdshell proxy account information cannot be retrieved or is invalid.

15143 16 ‘%s’ is not a valid option for the @updateusage parameter. 15148 16 The data type or table column ‘%s’ does not exist or you do not have permission. Verify that the ‘%.*ls’ credential exists and contains valid information.

15111 16 The proposed new database owner is already aliased in the database. 15120 16 An unexpected error occurred during password validation.

15112 11 The third parameter for table option ‘text in row’ is invalid. 15121 16 An error occurred during the execution of %ls. 15122 16 The CHECK_EXPIRATION option cannot be used when CHECK_POLICY is OFF.

15018 10 Table ‘%s’: Creating statistics for the following columns: 15019 16 The extended stored procedure ‘%s’ does not exist. 15022 16 The specified user name is already aliased. 15036 16 The data type ‘%s’ does not exist or you do not have permission.

15034 16 The application role password must not be NULL.

15003 16 Only members of the %s role can execute this stored procedure. 15005 10 Statistics for all tables have been updated. 15043 16 You must specify ‘REPLACE’ to overwrite an existing message. 15057 16 List of %s name contains spaces, which are not allowed. 15063 16 The login already has an account under a different user name. 15066 16 A default-name mapping of a remote login from remote server ‘%s’ already exists. 15070 10 Object ‘%s’ was successfully marked for recompilation.

15006 16 ‘%s’ is not a valid name because it contains invalid characters. 15044 16 The type “%s” is an unknown backup device type. 15068 16 A remote user ‘%s’ already exists for remote server ‘%s’. 15071 16 Usage: sp_addmessage ,, [, [, FALSE | TRUE [, REPLACE]]] 15072 16 Usage: sp_addremotelogin remoteserver [,loginname [,remotename]] 15074 10 Warning: You must recover this database prior to access.

Msg_Id Severity Message 15001 16 Object ‘%ls’ does not exist or is not a valid object for this operation. 15013 10 Table ‘%s’: No columns without statistics found. 15024 16 The group ‘%s’ already exists in the current database. 15041 16 User-defined error messages must have a severity level between 1 and 25. 15051 11 Cannot rename the table because it is published for replication. Only one backup device may refer to any physical device name.