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Death dating spiderman

If you've ever seen him at a Comic-Con panel, the man knows how to work a room.

The Lee-Romita era lasted until 1972, when Lee moved on to become the publisher (however, Lee and Romita would reunite in 1977 to start the Spider-Man newspaper comic strips, don't ya know).

He's not a flawless adventurer – he's a kid who makes mistakes – sometimes grievous ones – he struggles to make ends meet, and he's socially awkward.

You could identify with Peter Parker rather than simply admire him like many other superheroes.

The main thing that was so different about Spider-Man is that A.) he was the first teenage superhero that wasn't some adult hero's sidekick – he was the main guy and B.) he wasn't some iconic, larger-than-life swashbuckler.