Start Phone dating for people with disabilities

Phone dating for people with disabilities

For the second code, use the diagnostic code that most closely fits the evaluating criteria.

Non-medical indicators include such information as time lost from work, evidence that the veteran has sought medical treatment for his or her symptoms, evidence affirming situations such as a change in the veteran's appearance, physical abilities and mental or emotional attitude.

Lay statements from knowledgeable individuals may be accepted as evidence providing objective indications if they support the conclusion that a disability exists. Lay evidence is credible if the person was in a position to know the alleged facts and if not contradicted by evidence of record which is more credible.

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The “Veterans Education and Benefits Expansion Act of 2001,” Public Law 107-103, expanded the definition of “qualifying chronic disability” under 38 U. C 1117 to include, effective March 1, 2002, not only a disability resulting from an undiagnosed illness, but also a medically unexplained chronic multi-symptom illness that is defined by a cluster of signs and symptoms, and any diagnosed illness that is determined by VA regulation to warrant a presumption of service-connection. Abnormal weight loss Cardiovascular signs or symptoms Fatigue Gastrointestinal signs or symptoms Headache Joint pain Menstrual disorders Muscle pain Neurological signs or symptoms Neuropsychological signs or symptoms Signs or symptoms involving the respiratory system (upper and lower) Signs and symptoms involving the skin Sleep disturbances (3) Chronicity. To fulfill the requirement for chronicity, the claimed illness must have persisted for a period of 6 months. Special Considerations for Undiagnosed Disability Claims (1) Diagnostic Codes.

The Southwest Asia theater of operations includes: Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia The neutral zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia The United Arab Emirates Bahrain Qatar Oman The Gulf of Aden The Gulf of Oman The Persian Gulf The Arabian Sea The Red Sea The airspace above these locations 7-IV-7 M21-1, Part VI July 30, 2004 Change 116 c. The term “qualifying chronic disability” under 38 CFR 3.317 means a chronic disability resulting from any of the following (or any combination of any of the following): (a) An undiagnosed illness.

Disabilities which are subject to intermittent episodes of improvement and worsening within a 6-month period would be considered chronic. Title 38 CFR 3.317 establishes the presumptive period as beginning on the date following last performance of active military, naval, or air service in the Southwest Asia theater during the Gulf War. In order to properly identify and track claimed undiagnosed disabilities, the following diagnostic code series beginning with "88" has been established.

The 6-month period of chronicity will be measured from the earliest date on which all pertinent evidence establishes that the signs or symptoms of the disability first became manifest. The 88 code will be the first element of a hyphenated analogous code.

Service connection for _____ has been granted on the basis of this presumption." (2) Evaluation by Analogy (a) Evaluate the level of impairment of chronic undiagnosed disabilities by analogy to an existing diagnostic code in the rating schedule (38 CFR 4.27).

Precede a discussion of the evaluation criteria and next 7-IV-10 February 5, 2004 M21-1, Part VI Change 110 higher level in the “Reasons for Decision” with the following statement: "Since the disability at issue does not have its own evaluation criteria assigned in VA regulations, a closely related disease or injury was used for this purpose." (b) The RSVR will use a hyphenated diagnostic code as described in subparagraph 7.22e(1) for undiagnosed disabilities.

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