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Liz discovers Mike's hidden stash of XXX videos, and he's shocked when Liz is okay with it - she even offers to watch them with him.

Digital technology and smartphones in particular have transformed many aspects of our society, including how people seek out and establish romantic relationships.

Mike becomes increasingly comfortable with Liz, which leads to behavior that Liz isn't too fond of.

Meanwhile, Euan avoids a woman who often breaks his heart and Status Quo works on a new song with Chau.

Mike learns about Liz's wild past and sets out to do things he missed out on when he was growing up.

Things take an uncomfortable turn after Mike and Liz have sex at the office when they discover there are surveillance cameras.

Status Quo's new clothing line makes him worry about his street cred.

Meanwhile, Liz proves to Mike that skimpy clothing makes him uncomfortable.

It also orders the exclusion of such references as "covered wagon", "unit", "turtleneck", "little fella", "anteater", "diddy", "cloaking device" and "my pig is still snuggly, wrapped in his doughy blanket." The episode which dealt with circumcision, "The Unkindest Cut", came under fire because of its treatment of the character Euan, who is British and has not been circumcised (the procedure is not routine and is uncommon in Europe and other parts of the world including Asia and South America), as well as the treatment of uncircumcised men in general.