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Mm spanking chat uk

Held in lock and key waiting, as one hears the Ladies dealing with others undergoing their ordeals.

While the outside world went about its daily business, 5 beautiful, attractive and assertive Dominas along with 8 willing subjects enjoyed an afternoon of friendly, and mutually enjoyable, fun.

This was very professionally executed, but its presentation seemed so natural that it was difficult to appreciate at the time.

The atmosphere was about as far from intimidating as is possible, and that was largely due to the hostess – Goddess Cleo.

13 humans in a room doing together what, to the outside world is taboo, but to those of us lucky enough to be there was a natural and incredibly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.” ““Your arse is mine…bitch…You can scream ouch but a good girl does not swear.wack swipe…Look at me…oh you’re bashful…suck it but do not gag says one…suck it well and I like to hear a gag says another..