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People are resorting to trading the little they have left for a bottle of water for their families, but there is a way to help.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or simply Puerto Rico, is a territory of the United States, yet it has its own distinct culture and lifestyle.

We are reaching out for your help in this time of need and devastation.

Supplies will be delivered to proper shelters and centers that will make sure items are delivered to those who need it the most."United for Puerto Rico is an initiative the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rossello, started to provide support not only for Hurricane Maria victims, but also Hurricane Harvey victims.

When you are planning your trip to this popular island, don't get bogged down in your search for Puerto Rico hotels.

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On the vibrant island of Puerto Rico, visitors can spend their days surfing, lounging on idyllic white sand beaches, learning about the reach history of the territory, and immersing themselves in the colorful culture of the island.

You can spend days exploring cities like San Juan and Ponce, or you can escape to some of the more forgotten beaches on the island and indulge in your own heavenly tropical paradise.

There is something for every type of traveler in Puerto Rico, and there is also the perfect vacation rental for every type of traveler.