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Silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating

So, in our example, we end up with: Note that you have to keep the Selected Item property if you want to be able to update the Product property Category Parent.

If you want the trigger to fire as soon as the contents are changed, you need to set the property value to "Property Changed".)Now for the meat of this post - the Combo Box for the Category List.

Creating a Combo Box that displays the list is quite simple.

This makes the databinding easier, since elements will walk up the element tree to find their datacontext.

If we define out Products Combo Box like this (I've eliminated the attached properties and other styling from these samples for readability):(Rember for Text Boxes, the Update Source Trigger default is Lost Focus.

However, in some cases the is not accessible: it happens for elements that are not part of the visual or logical tree.

It can be very difficult then to bind a property on those elements…

“drop down list”), List Box, or Check Box control to another value.

Put another way, they wanted to go into a form and, without having to know what the current selected values are, change them to another value.

Changing the Selected Item in the Combo Box should update the Category Parent property of the Product.

The way I like to set up detail forms is to have my Selector Combo Box (in this case for Products) at the top, and then the detail below in a Grid panel.

If you can't override Equals, then you will have to use the Selected Value/Selected Value Path method for synchronizing the value of the Category Parent to the item in the Category List.