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Leonardo dicaprio lukas haas dating

Part-time actor, part-time manimal Leonardo Di Caprio continues to stun us ordinary residents of planet Earth with his nonpareil ability to aggressively enjoy life.

Lukas Haas was also apparently there, for what was essentially the pregame for a string of New Year's parties that followed.

Enough When you are Leonardo Di Caprio, one guest list won't do.

Here are six of the wildest stories that exist involving Leo and the ladies. Leo Leaves a Club With a Lot of Women Leo is 40 years old. When Leo turned 40 earlier this year, TMZ reported that he celebrated his birthday in excess.

Divide his age by two, and you get the number of women he left a Miami nightclub with this week. The birthday boy shut down Soho House in West Hollywood and invited some bros (Tyrese, Adam Levine, Russell Simmons, and Robin Thicke), as well as a ton of gal pals.

He was lionized by a witness as such: He left with 20 girls. Picture the scene: It's 2012; Di Caprio has just broken up with Victoria's Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton; some girls are taking their tops off; Hill may or may not be blushing; and Di Caprio is sipping his drink like this isn't any of his business.

Maybe it was just method acting at its most extreme?

A long line of attendees was seen waiting outside Kings Cross' Beach Haus, which was closed to the public for the event.

Di Caprio was seen smoking cigars with Haas and Ethan Suplee in tow.

In fact, The Posse might be one of the finest examples of “frenemy” culture in the modern era. While his celebrity has declined somewhat since the summit of Spider-Man, he’s happily married with two kids.

Before we had Kim Kardashian passive-aggressively cleaning Paris Hilton’s closet, we had Lukas Haas losing two potentially star-making roles to Di Caprio in the ’90s, before snarkily telling Texas Monthly, “We’re both very lucky. ” While Leo’s rising star was the engine that kept his posse sharp, jealous, and mean, he was also the emotional glue that kept them together. Jay Ferguson of “possibly assaulted Elizabeth Berkley’s boyfriend” fame also has a happy family (and was Stan Rizzo on Mad Men! Harmony Korine is married, and seems to be keeping a low profile since gifting the world with Spring Breakers, an ode to jailbait in neon bikinis and James Franco in cornrows.

As one witness remarked: Leo would go to clubs "with his friends and [sit] back like the Mack Daddy — he doesn't even tip!