Start Eplicit adult chats

Eplicit adult chats

Most teens have access to cell phones, tablet devices, and smart phones, which have internet capabilities, as well as, cameras and webcams.

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Law enforcement is trained to attempt to illicit incriminating statements from a suspect using many well-crafted techniques.

Commonly law enforcement will attempt a controlled call between a person suspected of a sex crime with a minor and the parent or legal guardian of the minor and sometimes, with a decoy, who purports to be the alleged victim.

Also, as you may have seen on television, law enforcement and others often act as decoys hanging out in chat rooms, representing themselves as underage teens, boys or girls.

Often these decoys will initiate flirtatious and sometimes sexual conversations in a general chat room and may even move to a private chat room for more explicit sexual chats.

Sex Crimes stemming from Internet Communications and Internet Searches for inappropriate content such as Child Pornography carry serious consequences in Tennessee in addition to the potential for Federal Prosecution, as well.

Today's technology has armed law enforcement, as well as, certain watch dog organizations with the investigative capabilities giving them access to IP Address of any computer on the internet entering certain targeted keywords into all of the major search engines.

Without a Search Warrant a police officer cannot search your computer, home, vehicle or smartphone without your express consent for them to do so.

If you have been asked to allow Consent for a Search then most likely you are already the target of an investigation and doing so will only serve to compound the evidence against you.

Also, enticing a minor to send nude photographs is Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, as well as, Unlawful Possession of Child Pornography.