Start Updating a colonial home exterior

Updating a colonial home exterior

But as far as my research went, it doesn’t exist and you have to create that look.

We decided that sticking with the original plan of painting it would be safer.

Next we had to deal with the masonry/cinder blocks.

We sampled many colors and stared at them for an ungodly amount of time in different times of the day.

In that photo, above you can see the sample board of the stucco leaning on the top.

I wasn’t going to spend all that money we had saved to make it look like a new-build.

I really wanted to restore it to its mid-century design. Meanwhile they had already demo’d and scaffolding was up, so getting into our house was was like the final challenge in a double dare episde … We couldn’t get up the front stairs so we had to go up the side stairs then through the guest suite then up the front stairs OR go up the side and underneath three sets of scaffolding (practically LIMBO-ING).

Keep looking: Those photos don’t even show the true crime. I was so smitten with the inside that I ignored the exterior thinking that I could fix it eventually but meanwhile it wouldn’t ruin the perfectly lit photos inside. I apologized to everyone who came to visit – clients for photo shoots, friends, family, the fed-ex dude…. I finally convinced Brian to let me tackle the exterior – and he is super happy now that I did. That would be a $15k bandaid that would be like putting a spray tan on a stab-wound. That’s a really expensive, solution that doesn’t really address the real problem. I found some homes on Pinterest that I was super attracted to and they fell into two categories: It’s all the rage.

I hustled hard while I was pregnant with Elliot and we saved/allotted the money to this project, specifically. Maybe it’s slightly less noticeable than it was before but the result would have been still depressing. Listen, that horizontal vinyl siding is all wrong for this mid-century beauty. Demo current siding and replace with either wood or stucco. We received a few quotes and they were all in that range with a few contractors saying they wanted nothing to do with it due to the insane scaffolding situation that would need to be installed. First I had to find inspiration – just saying ‘wood and stucco’ isn’t very specific. That dark siding is so chic, but I was afraid that with my verticality it would be a bohemeth, that it would be overwhelming and ultimately I knew that it wasn’t me.

We ended up going with the top right which I was surprised about but Brian really liked it and I’m not going to argue with a gray/blue on our house.

We wanted to mix tones without being too high contrast nor too similar so looking accidental.

Of course we had no idea how much it was going to cost .. You could tell that even they were daunted by the project. But then I thought, what if we did that same wood profile (really thin with a tiny gap) in white, a la Eichler?