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It is assumed he is a Rebel due to wanting to follow along with Jackie in her plans to take over.

Entirely unfounded this fear is not, as Raven has minor effect on her environment, like flowers dying at her presence.

She often has the family's signature grin on her face…or off her face, as she has also inherited her mother the Cheshire Cat's selective fading ability.

Life's easy for Madeline Hatter due to her bright outlook on things.

Though not necessarily a physical student attending classes, Brooke Page is a young narrator-in-training.

She normally has trouble keeping her opinions to herself and even, spoilers to the public.

Like most of the male student body, he has affections for Apple White. Alistair Wonderland is the son of Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

He and Bunny Blanc were stuck in Wonderland after the Brothers Grimm closed the portals off from Ever After, to protect the school from the Evil Queen's curse.

She is a Rebel in the conflict of destiny because she wants to rule. She was their lowly servant, and still is, now needing to shovel snow when Crystal Winter stopped her plan in "Epic Winter".