Start My boyfriend has a dating profile

My boyfriend has a dating profile

I see my boyfriend pulling away from my son and wanting nothing to do with him because of his outburst. The first part of your post sounded fine - cleaning rooms, taking out garbage, is all perfectly fine and expected.

Another suggestion I would give you, call their father. Maybe this would help with the issues with your son and him being out of control.

If I said no, they would just go to their dad and he would let them sneak it or flat out do it in front of me.

Now, they have to eat vegetables and they have to eat everything on their plates (i make their plates and I put very little so they usually get seconds).

Try to see if you can also talk to the school's consuler about some of the situation and see if they cant help your son cope with the changes in his life.

To be honest, I respect my mom even more now than I did then seeing that she helped us kids get over the fact our father was not all that active in your lives.

Secondly, all of the complaints about what your son did prior to moving in with your boyfriend . Now, I know from my own past with my parents being split up that putting a new man in your children's lives at that age will cause you to have some distress. You and your boyfriend should discuss things together before even disciplining. My boyfriend is moving down here from Maryland and will be a part of my child's life.

Now Caitlyn is only 3 so it is a bit of a difference.

From what you say he says to your son, it sounds EXACTLY the way my father was to us kids and he was not even our step dad.